Family Agreement

As members of the MOEDIM Home School Co-op, we agree to the following:



–We understand that MOEDIM is a cooperative organization, and as such, all parents/guardians are responsible to abide by and enforce the MOEDIM rules and expectations.

–Dropping off children is unacceptable. The parent/guardian and child(ren) shall stay within MOEDIM boundaries every week, except in the case of an emergency.

–We must be good stewards by cleaning up after ourselves, leaving each place better than we found it.

–We understand that pets are not allowed (except working service dogs) at MOEDIM activities, which includes park days.



–Only enrolled students and adults who have cleared a background check are permitted during co-op hours.

–Please do not be tardy. Tardiness shows lack of consideration toward others, including those who have taken time to prepare something for each student.

–Advance notification of an absence or tardy arrival is appreciated. Please notify Marcy Landry (text 210-787-6416) as soon as possible so we may make any necessary adjustments.

–Families whose situation changes (such as due to a move, extreme illness or injury, permanent loss of job, or permanent loss of transportation) and have made the decision to discontinue participation in MOEDIM must complete the Withdrawal Form located in the website’s Files section.



–We shall be polite, kind ladies and gentlemen, showing grace towards others and giving assistance cheerfully. Only words that are positive, uplifting or helpful should be shared with others.

–We shall treat teachers, parents, students, and the facility staff courteously and with respect at all times.

–Physical behavior and language should be appropriate for activities at the congregation.

–Be mindful of your speech. Please keep in mind certain conversations should not be carried on around younger children.

–Private matters should remain private and are therefore best not to be discussed at co-op.

–Physical affection between students is unacceptable during co-op.



–Food shall be Biblically kosher and eaten in the designated area only. All families will clean up after eating.

–We shall not attend MOEDIM activities during the contagious stages of an illness, within 24 hours of a fever, diarrhea, vomiting, green/yellow runny nose, or chronic cough.

–Notification shall be given to the MOEDIM board if vaccines are given during the school year, as certain vaccines may shed and put others at risk, even if no symptoms are present in the child receiving the vaccine. If a child should come down with a contagious disease, all families will be notified for their safety.

–Distribution of over-the-counter medications or other remedies must not occur without parental consent. Any prescription medications must be managed and dispensed solely by the child’s parent.

–Special care should be taken to ensure proper hygiene, especially for growing adolescents who may need to use or reapply deodorant. This may be brought in their backpack.



–Weapons are not permitted, except in the case of CHL-holders, provided the holder notifies the MOEDIM board & presents to them a copy of his/her permit in advance. CHL holders must agree to responsibly keep weapons on his/her person at all times, and remain in compliance with State laws.

–Students shall not have pocket knives on their person during any MOEDIM activity.

–Consumption, use or being under the influence of alcohol or Illegal drugs is not permitted.

–Cigarettes and vape products are not permitted.

–Students shall display respect by avoiding cell phone or other electronic device use during the lesson and its related activity.



–Dress and Conduct: To honor God in both character and dress is critical. We understand that:

–Clothing should be modest and appropriate. If in doubt, don’t wear it.

–Shirts are required. Bare midriffs, halter-tops, tank tops, spaghetti straps, or visible cleavage are unacceptable. Sleeveless shirts are acceptable if the width at the shoulder is no less than the width of the palm of the person’s hand, or if it is covered with another sleeved shirt/shrug/sweater, etc.

–Underclothing should not be visible. To maintain modesty, ensure growing adolescents are properly educated on when certain undergarments should be worn.

–Shorts and skirts need to be at least 1 inch below fingertips when standing.

–Goth or similar styles are unacceptable.

–All tattoos must be covered and not visible.

–Piercings are not acceptable except in the case of 1 pair of earrings for ladies.

–Shoes are required at all times, unless a teacher instructs they may be removed for dance or PE or another activity. This does NOT apply to the children in the nursery.



–We take a “three strikes, you’re out” approach. Any infractions will be discussed with the involved child, parent, and teacher.

–After three strikes, the student will no longer be permitted to participate or be present at any MOEDIM activity. Consequently, all registration and supply fees will be forfeited.

–The MOEDIM Board reserves the right to deny participation to any family or student for any reason, including infractions of the above rules.