Building Friendships

scase4-friendshipBuilding Friendships

While one aspect of our co-op is to come together for study and accountability, another important aspect is friendship-building. Since most childhood friendships develop through unstructured activities, we have built time into our co-op schedule to allow for this.

During P.E., the students will be divided into age-appropriate groups and will participate in team-building exercises, physical fitness activities, and fun games.  After, kids will be given free play time.  Kids develop deeper friendships in unstructured settings. This is a time that our children can build lifelong friendships with others that are also learning to love God and His Word.

Additionally, kids will be encouraged to sit together at lunch, which will also give parents an opportunity to build friendships.  It’s important for adults to get to know one another on a more personal level because that is what helps us to become more understanding toward one another. With deeper understanding comes more grace, love, and commitment. Mom support is a wonderful asset to our families and our homeshcooling.

It’s our goal that moms and kids alike will have opportunities each co-op day to build friendships.