2017-2018 Class Information

We’ll be following a different style this year at MOEDIM.  Instead of weekly classes, we’ll be hosting monthly Messianic Meetups where we can join together to learn about and celebrate the Biblical Feast Days.  This will be for school-age children (Pre-K to 12th grade, younger siblings welcomed).

2017-2018 Schedule

Below is our meetup & community service schedule, and you sign up only for the months your family will attend.

Mon, Aug 14  – YOM TERUAH Lesson & Activity
(Registration / Meet & Greet)
Activity:  Younger kids will view Yom Teruah video made by MOEDIM students last year and play trumpet/shofar games.  Older kids will bake gluten-free round challah.  Followed by swimming and group picnic for all ages.

Mon, Sept 11 – YOM KIPPUR Lesson & Activity
Activity:  Hands-on activities & interactive app-led scavenger hunt for all ages that will review info taught in the lesson.  Group lunch and social time follows.

Mon, Oct 2 – SUKKOT Lesson & Activity
Activity:  TBD. Ideas include: build a sukkah (mini, edible, or Lego), actual sukkah based on congregation schedule, make sukkah decor, learn the Hava Nagila.  Followed by group lunch and social time.

Mon, Nov 6 – Service Project: Shelter Visit & Donation
Our families will visit SAMM Shelter to drop off donations for the families at the shelter.  There is no supply fee for this service project, but each family will bring a small donation item of need as designated by the SAMM Shelter (TBD).  Followed by group picnic lunch and social time at a nearby park.

Mon, Dec 11 – HANUKKAH Lesson & Activity
Activity TBD. Ideas include: making latkes, playing dreidel with gelt, using some existing Hanukkah games from our storage.  Includes group lunch and social time afterwards.

Mon, Jan 22 – TU B’SHEVAT Lesson & Activity
(New Year for Trees, civic holiday in Israel)
Activity: Younger kids will plant a parsley seed and take home (to be harvested by Passover time).  Older kids will chop and prepare various exotic and unique fruits which will be enjoyed with lunch.  All ages:  planting a Biblical fruit tree on the property.  Group lunch and social time follows.

Mon, Feb 19 – PURIM Lesson & Activity
Activity: All Ages making Hamentashen. Watch prior year Purim video/and or have kids dress up and act out a narrated story of Purim. Group lunch and social time to follow.

Mon, March 19 – PASSOVER / UNLEAVENED BREAD / FIRST FRUITS Lesson & Activity
Activity: TBD, Ideas include: Kids interactive Seder (used in prior years), includes lunch. Social time follows.

Mon, April 16 – YOM HA’SHOAH Service Project:  Jewish Nursing Home
The lesson will cover Yom HaShoah, which is Holocaust Remembrance Day.  Our service project will be to visit a Jewish nursing home, to take baked goods, and sing HaTikvah (the Israeli National Anthem).

Sun, May 20 – SHAVU’OT Lesson & Activity
Activity: Day trip Sunday or Overnight trip (Sat to Sun) depending on location: cookout or picnic, possibly water baptisms, possibly make homemade hand crank ice cream.


Social & Free Time
Students are provided multiple opportunities to develop friendships.  Not only will they enjoy the Feast activities together, but they are also encouraged to sit with new friends at lunch, and they’re given at least 45 minutes at the end of the day for free play/social time. (These two latter periods also give parents time to build friendships and offer support to one another.)


Registration & Supply Fees

General Co-op Registration Fee:
As home school moms ourselves, we know how expensive it can be. That’s why we only charge a supply fee and instead require parent participation. All adults who attend MOEDIM Co-op are required to undergo a criminal background check.

Registration Fee:
$10…Returning Family (background check already on file)
$30…New Family (includes a background check for one attending adult)          $20…Background check for additional adult attending

Supply Fees
$5…Per student per month (choose which months your family attends)
(Months with service projects do not have a fee but will instead require that you bring an item to contribute for our service project.  For example, when we visit the Jewish nursing home, we may ask everyone to bring a baked good and a card.)

Registration and supply fees may be sent via Paypal to: moedimcoop@gmail.com. Please use the “no fee option for friends and family” as we are not selling products or services for a profit.