2016-2017 Class Information

MOEDIM does not have an required book list for the 2016-17 school year. We understand how expensive homeschooling can be, and we also realize that families may have differing preferences and approaches. Our choices for this year have been a collaborative decision.

Paleo Hebrew (K3-12th)
Students will learn the Hebrew letters, picture word meanings, and sounds. This provides an excellent introduction to the letters. No books required; any materials will be provided by MOEDIM.

Etiquette (K3-12th)
Students will learn various age-appropriate etiquette skills from making an introduction, taking a phone call, public manners, job interviews, being a host or guest, cell phones and e-mail, RSVPs and thank you notes, and eating etiquette. Etiquette lessons include the accompanying Biblical application.
Book List: No books required; however, parents may choose to purchase our basis for this class: Manners Made Easy, Manners Made Easy for Teens: 10 Steps to a Life of Confidence, Poise, and Respect, and Manners Made Easy for the Family, all by June Hines Moore.

Cooking (K3-5th)
Students will learn age appropriate cooking skills and will participate in hands-on activities to practice the skills.
DVD Lessons (provided by MOEDIM): Kids Cook Real Foods

Art (K3-12th)
Students will be introduced to art techniques including contour, shape & space, value & color, blending techniques, proportions, texture & form, perspective, and more.

  • K3-K5 class will be doing art at their own level.
  • Grades 1-5 will learn via DVD lessons and will follow along together in class with their art supplies.  Some projects may need to be finished at home.  DVD lessons provided by MOEDIM:  See the LightRead this Review!
  • Grades 6-12 will not be watching the DVDs but will have a home school dad as the class instructor. This class, along with art field trips, will constitute a high school credit.

PE (K3-12th)
Students will have an opportunity to engage in structured group PE games in age-appropriate groups.

Social & Free Time
Students are provided two opportunities each day to develop friendships. They’re encouraged to sit with new friends at our 45-minute lunch, and they’re given 45 minutes at the end of the day for free play time. (These two periods also give parents time to build friendships and offer support to one another.)

Registration & Supply Fees

In addition to any required books or personal supplies, some classes will have a small, annual supply fee to cover any materials purchased for group experiments or activities, etc. Supply fees are a one-time fee and cover the entire year. All supply fees are determined at our planning meeting in late July.

General Co-op Registration Fee: $75 per family, annually (Registration fee includes a background check for one adult. If additional adults will be attending co-op, background checks are available at $20 each.)

Supply FeesAs home school families ourselves, we know how expensive it can be. That’s why we don’t charge tuition but do require parent participation. MOEDIM only charges registration and supply fees. All adults who attend MOEDIM Co-op are required to undergo a criminal background check.

MOEDIM Annual Registration Fee (includes 1 background check): $75
Optional Additional Background Check (if other adults attending with you): $20

Nursery Class (ages 0-2): $0 …plus one package baby wipes
Primary Class (ages 3-5): $60
Elementary Class (grades 1-5): $60
Secondary Class (grades 6-12): $30

All fees are paid ONE TIME for the entire year!

Please send your registration and supply fees via Paypal to: moedimcoop@gmail.com. Please use the “no fee option for friends and family” as we are not selling products or services for a profit.

Personal Supplies:  Please note the class supply fees listed above do not include some personal supplies that will be needed for classes.  Personal supplies will be used in class and at home.  Click here for the Personal School Supply List